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Originally from Lima, Peru, I came to the Unites States in 2006 on a summer internship for the prestigious Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo.  As an engineering student, I wanted to broaden my cultural understanding of America and improve my English. After deciding to move here permanently in 2008, I became a naturalized citizen and completed my education in the U.S.  Instead of engineering, I switched to Building Information Modeling.  I realized that BIM was the way of the future, and a great way to combine my engineering background with design and construction, two of my key interests. I always had a keen appreciation for structure and design because of my affinity for mathematics. Thanks to BIM and particularly, Revit, I was able to combine all of my interests in one platform and make a huge impact in the AE field.

Experience  (see list below for specifics)

Operations/Production - Facilitated operations on AE projects for large volume national home builders. In the process of BIM implementation, I saw that the methodology for efficient manufacturing production fit perfectly in high volume residential models for production builders. By the creation of multiple milestones in product development, I was able to bring in minimally skilled staff, where time-to-produce ramp-up time was limited, using specialized training methods. This elevated the entire process to high efficiency levels with lower cost output.  As an extra, this produced a more refined and attractive career path for incoming workforce. I was able to increase overall production capacity by over 50%, introducing a “lights-out” approach, which means projects turned over in less time than it took to log them into the system without human interference. This is was a comprehensive approach that required multiple departments to work in sync.

BIM Manager - BIM implementation for heavy option AE projects for large volume residential production accounts. Created, developed and maintained BIM standards and processes. I created a revit training manual, multiple LOD documents, revit family library, training videos, and Dynamo scrips. I wrote multiple specifications for the creation of revit tools for R&D. Performed clash detection for commercial and light commercial. Developed new standards for automated quantification and scheduling using BIM platforms. Created standards for rendering, graphics and visualization.

Construction Manager - Oversaw construction, design, superintendents, purchasing and warehouse operations for new construction, as well as renovations. I also managed off-site wall panel fabrication for residential applications. I had the opportunity to design the panels myself and was able to create a significant improvement in process and output--two mistakes max a house. This opened doors for ZERO waste in framing that was $300-400 per house in savings between dumpster pulls and advanced framing techniques.  I am very well-versed in stem wall foundation. I also managed a variety of residential renovations from concept to completion. Jobs from $20,000.00 renovations to $400,000.00

Purchasing - Controlled, developed and produced approved budgets with input from appropriate internal departments. Negotiated and solicited the best price/value combination from suppliers and trade contractors. I ran purchasing debundled. The only turnkey trade was the concrete sub. Since we were building stem wall, it was easier to bundle concrete and block, but NOT back fill and MEPs. Conducted analysis of drawings for value engineering opportunities. While doing estimating I saw an opportunity and decided to harvest data from revit models. I created an automated estimating process where new construction POs were created in a per lot bases using this revit data.

Some accomplishments include:

  • Recreated and re-developed the production department of a large high volume (AE) group of companies.

  • Facilitated BIM heavy-option AE projects, by creating BIM standards and best practices.

  • Created and managed the “engine” for new clients, increasing overall volume by 50% in 12 months.

  • Created, developed and maintained a consolidated reporting control dashboard for the group of companies, which allowed production metrics and visibility for all departments.

  • Able to produce time studies and showcase performance using this data.  This included the ability to “KNOW” how long it takes to do the job.

  • Envisioned and developed a plan for construction drawings standards for high volume production accounts.

  • Developed extensive construction details in Revit library.

  • Created methods for tracking and illustrating performance stats.  These are used for employee reviews and account scrubs.

  • Envisioned and developed a plan, and maintained best practices for the utilization of high-volume production accounts.  80% time saved per job. 

  • Provided directions and resources for most of the order entry for high volume accounts.

  • Envisioned, developed, and maintained multifamily plan setup. This allowed the company to effectively produce work in with high multipliers.  This set up the future for multifamily work in cad and Revit.

  • Compiled and solidified training material for training and development of new employees with no previous experience.  Created an extensive Revit training model.

  • Set company standard for production meetings.

  • Created, developed and maintained multiple tools for the operation of the company.

  • Researched new methods, processes, software, tools to expand company focus and direction.

  • Cost estimating for residential building. 

  • Automated estimating, harvesting data from Revit models.

  • Warehouse - Building material inventory

  • Propose improvements to the current purchasing system that will improve vendor relationships and lower the cost of doing business

  • Collaborate with inventory control and sales to develop metrics for gauging inventory level needs and then maintaining those levels throughout the year

  • Take the lead in creating profitable ways to manage obsolete and slow-moving stock to help offset losses

  • Manage the company's day-to-day purchasing activities and ensure that all purchasing agents are meeting their personal performance standards

  • Assist in developing more effective invoicing and collecting processes.

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